3 Home Design Trends Etsy Predicts Will Be Big in 2023

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Once December rolls around each year, it's time to reflect on the past 11 months while looking ahead at what's to come. Brands of all kinds haul out their best-of recaps and trend reports for the new year, including Pantone's highly anticipated Color of the Year and now Etsy's 2023 Design Trends.


1. Indigo and honeycomb

In this forecast, Etsy unpacks a treasure trove of upcoming movements, including the unveiling of its first-ever dual colors of the year: indigo and honeycomb. Etsy shares that the concept of duality is emerging as a key theme for 2023, so naming a color combination instead of a single color of the year is only fitting. "Duality is all about contrast and exploring opposites," the brand explains in a press release, as indigo and honeycomb "each bring out the other's radiance."

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Indigo was selected for its "high-impact and futuristic tone," while honeycomb is a bright and luminous reminder to appreciate our natural world.

2. Statement marble

In addition to these colors of the year, Etsy posits two home and living trends that will see popularity in 2023. First, they predict statement marble will have its moment in the limelight, as a beloved classic that ushers in bright dimensionality. "Shoppers are embracing this timeless material in fresh ways in 2023 – including new colorways like green and burgundy, and dramatic statement pieces featuring patterns with heavy veining," says Etsy.


3. Melting shapes

The other home and living trend Etsy sees coming down the pike is melting forms, inspired by the organic flow of molten lava. These shapes are being exhibited in ceramics, glassware, mirrors, and candles, and are in stark contrast to the more geometric decor styles of the recent past. Etsy describes these melted forms as an evolution of its predecessor, the wavy, curvy and relaxed edges decor trend, indicating the fluidity of modern-day movements.

Well, there you have it. With so many designers utilizing the brand, if anyone knows what's next, it's Etsy.



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