This Sam's Club Treat Combines 2 Iconic Desserts

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As far as classic desserts go, cheesecake and red velvet cake are at the top of the list. But why choose between one or the other? Thanks to the latest release at Sam's Club, you can enjoy both treats in every bite.


On Instagram, user @samsclubmembers shared a photo of the Member's Mark Red Velvet Cheesecake. The product features a "creamy New York style cheesecake with red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting," according to the product's packaging. The red velvet portion also contains chocolate chips, which is a deliciously fun twist.

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You can find it in the frozen section of the warehouse. To prepare it, all you need to do is thaw it in the refrigerator overnight, then serve it chilled. In other words, it will be a lifesaver during the holiday season.

Worth noting, some Sam's Club shoppers have wondered if the product tastes like the red velvet cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, which contains multiple layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake. That said, if you're a fan of the menu item, it's certainly worth checking out the Sam's Club version.


One Member's Mark Red Velvet Cheesecake costs $17.89 and contains 14 pre-sliced pieces. You can check if it's available at your local Sam's Club by visiting the product page. But remember, the sweet treat is a seasonal item, so it won't be around for long.

Other Sam's Club desserts to try:

If you prefer pie over cake, you'll be glad to know that Sam's Club has quite the selection.


According to a recent post by Instagram user @samsclubmembers, the warehouse is currently offering the following fall pies:

  • Pecan
  • Pumpkin
  • Cherry
  • Apple lattice
  • French silk

The pies range between $8.98 and $12.98. Folks are particularly loving the pecan and apple pies, but all five flavors are said to be divine.



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