IKEA Is Reinventing How We Take Showers — and How We Save Water

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There's always room for improvement when it comes to fighting climate change, and as a whole, we all have a long way to go. Even the smallest changes matter, especially the modifications that may not come to the forefront of your mind when thinking about how to live more sustainably. Luckily, IKEA has partnered with a Danish shower system innovator titled Flow Loop, to inspire people to save water and move towards a more energy-efficient lifestyle.


The two brands have been working together since March of 2020 to create a water recycling shower solution that can be fitted into existing shower spaces. This allows buyers to upgrade to a more sustainable shower without needing a whole new bathroom. We all need to shower, so this solution offers a way to move towards preserving resources without sacrificing a necessity of living.

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The shower system self-recycles and cleans the water in a closed loop, reducing water usage up to 80% and saving up to 70% of the energy used by your standard shower.


Neither brand has shared much information about how this inventive system works, but IKEA has acknowledged that it is still in the testing phase, with plans to begin sales this coming summer.

"At IKEA, we know that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to lead and influence a movement for efficient and more sustainable water usage," says Robert Carleke, innovation ventures manager at IKEA of Sweden in a press release. "Our water innovation team has made great progress together with Flow Loop during the last two years of collaboration on our journey to make this 'shower of the future' affordable and accessible to as many customers as possible."



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