This Luxury Outdoor Dining Setup Has Completely Upped My Hosting Game

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In the middle of the summer, I got an exciting surprise: My neighbors below me were moving out. It's not that I had any issue with them, but the entire time I've lived in my current apartment (more than two years), they predominantly used our shared side yard and filled it with their stuff. Don't get me wrong — they were friendly and let me use the furniture when I asked, but they also had two kids, so their toys and games were everywhere, and I didn't feel 100% comfortable using the space while they were around. Cut to me learning they — and all of their stuff — would be moving out at the end of July. I knew I had to get some patio furniture ASAP.


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That's where Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams came in. The brand graciously hooked me up, offering me a dining table and chairs that I LOVE. Scroll down for my full review.

​‌(For transparency, I did receive this furniture in exchange for an honest review. However, all of the following thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, in any way.)


What is Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams?

Started by its two founders, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, in 1989, MGBW is a home furnishings brand centered around sustainable, American-made luxury with an emphasis on comfort. It was founded in Taylorsville, North Carolina, and to this day, all items are handcrafted in the 1 million square-foot factory in that same town. As active members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, everything the brand produces is thoughtfully made with the environment in mind, from the wood and upholstery used to the packaging that it's sent in. The brand also supports and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace, at home, and in the community.


The brand's pieces can be described as contemporary, luxury furniture. And it offers much more than just outdoor furniture — you can find everything from indoor and outdoor furniture and rugs to lighting and decor.

Del Mar Dining Table and Chairs Specs

After going through the site and chatting with the team, I decided to go with the Del Mar Dining Table and Outdoor Side Dining Chairs. The dining table is available in both 96 and 108 inches long, but I went with the 96-inch table since my outdoor area isn't that spacious. The overall dimensions of the table are 96" x 39" x 30", which feels surprisingly compact in my space in the best way. I also received six of the matching chairs, which are sold separately and can only be purchased individually. The color fabric I chose was Charcoal, which is a stunning dark gray that matches the table hue perfectly. I also love that the cushions are dark enough to help hide any stains or wear and tear that will inevitably occur over the years.


Delivery and Setup

After purchasing the table and chairs, it took about three weeks for them to be delivered. For every large furniture purchase, MGBW offers free, premium in-home delivery and assembly. They work with a delivery service that called me to organize a date and time, which was incredibly convenient for me. The week of the delivery, they called me to tell me the four-hour delivery window and even called me 30 minutes before arrival to let me know their ETA. All of that prep made it incredibly easy for me to ensure I was available to help them as well as prep the area and clear the way for the team.


Two delivery men arrived promptly on time, set up the table and chairs for me, and removed all of the trash. I don't know about you, but breaking down giant boxes is sort of a nightmare for me, so I loved that that was included. The entire process took about 30 minutes total, and they wouldn't let me help at all, so it was extremely efficient and wonderful for me.

Using the Del Mar Table and Chairs

I've now had the Del Mar set for about a week, and I can say with complete honesty that I absolutely love it. While I've only used it a few times so far — twice for working from home and once to host my friends for dinner — it's so comfortable and looks so great in my space that I can't wait to use it even more! My friends also complimented it and were blown away by how much better the space looked. I also got the furniture cover with the set and highly recommend getting that as well since it helps to protect it and perfectly covers everything. I live in Los Angeles, so the weather will never get that bad, but it has rained a few times recently, and knowing that the cushions won't get wet and the table won't be dirty is such peace of mind.


Pros and Cons

The pros are truly endless. The process of purchase and delivery couldn't have been easier, and the table looks and feels so great. The only con I have personally is the price. It's definitely a luxury product, but I do believe you're getting your money's worth. Everything from knowing that it's sustainably crafted and made in the U.S. to the actual feel and look of the set is well worth the price. That said, I know that it's not something that's in everyone's budget, and that can't be overlooked.


The Verdict

Overall, I am in love with this dining table and chair set. I know it's going to last a very long time, and I'm so excited that I'll be able to gather with my friends and family around such a gorgeous piece of furniture.

Buy the Del Mar Table and Chairs

Del Mar Dining Table, $6,794


Del Mar Outdoor Dining Chair, $1,067



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