Aldi's New Fall Candles Are Being Sold at a Steal

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Aldi is currently full of fall treats like pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon ice cream, and seasonal goodies have reached the home goods section as well. If you ask us, fall just isn't complete without lighting a fall scented candle at home, and according to a recent Instagram post by @aldifavoritefinds, seasonal candles are now back in stock at Aldi.


Everyone has a favorite fall scent, and Aldi's wide variety of aromas has you covered with whatever you prefer. The Huntington Home fall collection includes four three-wick candles: Apple Harvest, Pumpkin Cinnamon, Cedar Oakwood, and Pumpkin Cream Cookie. At $4.49 each, these are a steal!

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If you prefer a smaller candle, there are an additional four single-wick candles available at $2.49 each. These scents are Amber Sunrise, Apple Prosecco, Cinnamon Pumpkin Latte, and Juniper Suede.

Excitement for the candles is clear in the comment section, as users wrote about their favorite scents, including both the three-wick and single-wick options.


Two commenters may have had defective candles, however — one user shared that their candle smelled like chemicals upon burning it, while the other user had to throw their candle away due to the scent lingering after they blew it out. It seems they're in the minority though, as other commenters rave about the throw these candles have ("throw" is a fancy term for how far a candle can distribute its scent) and how amazing they smell.


User @aldifavoritefinds shared that they found the three-wick candles in the cleaning aisle, and the single-wick candles in the Aldi Finds aisle, so be sure to check both if you have your eye on a candle or two!



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