This Viral Crystal Table Lamp Takes Mood Lighting to the Next Level

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If there's one sure-fire way to transform a ho-hum space into a magical sanctuary, it's with lighting. A little bit can go a long way in this metamorphosis, with a subtle string of lights or a thoughtfully chosen table lamp completely changing the tone of a space.


For those looking to bring an ethereal, kaleidoscopic energy into a room through lighting, TJHomeSmart has you covered with its Rechargeable Crystal Table Lamp with Touch Control.

Video of the Day

In a recent TikTok shared on the TJHomeSmart account, we can see this lamp work its magic. Before it's turned on, the lamp is fairly unassuming. It's small, cylindrical, and not particularly noteworthy. But once it has lit up a dark room, it comes to life with colorful splintered light fragments, similar to a disco ball. Plus, it changes color and brightness with the soft tap of the palm of your hand, with each color shifting the mood just so.

The lamp is available for purchase on the TJHomeSmart website in two different styles. The "3 colors with touch control" version is offered at $29.99, while the "16 colors with touch control and remote control" model is going for $34.99. Both versions are made of durable acrylic material and the light that emanates from the diamond cut design is meant to look like a rose blooming, creating a serene (and romantic!) atmosphere.


Another pro is that the lamp is wireless. With USB charging technology, there's no need for unsightly electrical cords or finding an outlet. Simply turn it on and enjoy four hours of fully charged lighting power.



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