The Queen's Bedroom Had These Two Key Items

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After reports that the beloved Queen Elizabeth II was under medical surveillance the morning of Thursday, September 8, Buckingham Palace reported that the royal icon passed away peacefully that same afternoon. As Britain's longest reigning monarch of seven decades, Queen Elizabeth left behind an unforgettable legacy from working with 15 prime ministers and ruling through a global pandemic, to her obsession with corgis and her exemplary style.


While her attire was always on point, the trends extended into her many homes as well — particularly in the bedroom. Hey, the Queen needed her beauty sleep.

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Queen Elizabeth had the third most expensive mattress in the world, according to a report from Mattress Next Day as told by Hello! Magazine and PureWow. The mattress could be found in her room in the main residence of Buckingham Palace and was known as the "Royal State Bed" by the company Savoir, in honor of her 60th anniversary as queen.


The mattress took over 700 hours to make with Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere, and 1,600 miles of silk thread from Suffolk. Only 60 of these mattresses exist in the world, with the Queen paying £125,000, the equivalent of a little less than $144,000 today.

But an expensive mattress wasn't the only piece of the puzzle that helped the Queen get a good night's rest. Irish linen, slightly different than your average linen, is the fabric of choice in the royal palace because of its lightness and durability. The material has been proven to be self-cooling and a healthier fabric to lay on due to its ability to resist bacteria.


While we mourn the loss of a noble icon — and a strong woman in power — we can recall that we learned a few things from the Queen herself. After all, everyone deserves a royal night's sleep.



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