You Can Recreate Demi Lovato's Rainbow Windows for $40

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When you hear that someone has what they call a "shroom room" in their house, you probably don't think it's pop star Demi Lovato. But in Architectural Digest's new feature on the singer's modern California farmhouse, Lovato proudly shares her "shroom room" with us — which is just as psychedelic as it sounds.


Lovato's entire house is colorful and quirky, but this room really takes the cake. Complete with a cloud chandelier that changes colors to the beat of music, a custom ceiling mural by artist Jen Stark, and a rainbow couch, it's the ultimate hangout den. While these larger features dominate the space, a more subtle design detail ultimately steals the show.

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Lovato has put adhesive sheets of iridescent plastic on the windows, transforming the room into a sparkly dreamland when the sun shines through. "When the light comes in it reflects rainbow, kaleidoscope-type light on the room," she tells us. We love this simple hack to add some flair to a given space, and it's by no means a feature that's exclusive to the rich and famous. In fact, anyone can incorporate light-bending window decals in their own home for less than $40.


Wayfair sells sheets of 3D Rainbow Decorative Privacy Window Film between $28.99 and $39.99, depending on the size. The window film can be easily installed on all sorts of window types and sizes, creating a stained glass effect in a matter of minutes.


"Super cute and easy to install. Measure, cut, [and] spray both sides with water, and smooth out. Adds extra privacy and it's fun," a customer named Alisha writes in their review.

While Lovato's home is filled with priceless artworks, light fixtures, and other furnishings, taking inspiration from her "shroom room" windows is actually attainable, with a price tag that won't break the bank.



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