News Flash: Levain Bakery's Iconic Cookies Ship Nationwide

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You know a brand's stellar when it only sells one thing — and that's Levain Bakery in a (chocolate chip and) nut-shell. Levain is one of the most iconic sweets shops in New York City, but a less-known fact is that its famous cookies can be shipped all across the country. And let's be honest, what's better than a fresh cookie delivered straight to your doorstep?


It all began in 1995 when the bakery was born. It was originally a bread shop, but one day the founders randomly created and sold a batch of chocolate chip walnut cookies, and the rest is history. The "Chocolate Chip Walnut" is still the brand's bestselling flavor.

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Cut to 2022, the brand still only offers five flavors: Chocolate Chip Walnut, Two Chip Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin. No matter the flavor, Levain cookies are known for their crispy outside, gooey center, and unique dome-like shape. They're truly unlike anything we've seen or tasted before.

Since we don't all have the luxury of living in NYC — or Boston, D.C., or Chicago, the other bakery locations — we are in full support of cookie delivery. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself, food is always a go-to. Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite cookie assortments.

Starting off with the most popular online order, the Signature Cookie Assortment features a variety of flavors in a pack of four, eight, or twelve.


Chocolate lovers, unite. This mix includes eight cookies in total: four Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies and four Two Chip Chocolate Chip cookies.


You simply can't go wrong with a classic. Purchase in packs of four, eight, or twelve.



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