Chipotle's New "Water" Cup Candle Has a Hilarious Backstory

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Every so often, a new candle comes along and leaves us scratching our heads. The Chipotle "Water" Cup candle is one of them. Yes, the beloved Mexican fast food chain is launching a candle — and it's designed to look like its free water cups for customers.


It turns out there's a hilarious backstory to this candle. For starters, the product launches tomorrow, August 18, which happens to be National Lemonade Day. Why does that matter? Because the candle is scented like lemonade, of course!

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If you're a little confused by this whole situation, here's the scoop. The candle was inspired by the customers who "accidentally" fill their water cups (which are complimentary) with lemonade (which is not). At Chipotle's self-serve fountain soda machines, you'll notice the water tab shares a spot with the lemonade tab — it's an easy "mistake" that many customers make.

However, Chipotle is onto your beverage-swapping scheme, hence the creation of this candle. In fact, they've tweeted about it several times.

"Social is the premier destination for us to listen to and engage with our superfans," Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Chipotle, said in a statement. "When they see these lighthearted tributes to social chatter and fan behavior, they feel even more connected to Chipotle."


Even the idea for the candle itself made it into a 2019 tweet. Chipotle posted, "Hear me out: a water cup scented candle that smells like lemonade."

And that's exactly what we're getting for National Lemonade Day this year.

This isn't Chipotle's first foray into cheeky products. In December 2021, the company launched cilantro soap, referring to the fact that some people think cilantro tastes like soap. (Interestingly, it's a genetic thing.)


While the cilantro soap is sold out, the "Water" Cup candle will hit the market at 9 a.m. PT on August 18 at the Chipotle Goods online store, while supplies last. It costs $28 and will come with an extra benefit — a voucher for a free lemonade at Chipotle.



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