This One Pan Lets You Cook a Full Breakfast With No Extra Dishes

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There's nothing better than digging into a homemade breakfast, sides and all. We're talking fluffy eggs, crispy potatoes, and everything in between. However, making a complete breakfast calls for a ​lot​ of dishes, even if you're cooking for one. The solution? Use a divided breakfast pan, of course.


Specifically, we're referring to the ESLITE LIFE 11-inch nonstick divided breakfast pan, which is currently trending in on TikTok. Case in point: Recently, user @cookinwithmegg recently showcased the pan, and the video has more than 1.6 million views and counting. "TikTok made me buy it," said the captions in her video. "I'm obsessed with the pan."

Video of the Day

To be honest, we can see why. The video is essentially a montage of different breakfast foods being cooked at once, emphasizing the handiness of the pan. For example, in one shot, there are eggs, sausage patties, and chocolate chip pancakes cooking at the same time, but separately.

"This would be great if [you] were cooking for one," said a TikTok user. "I'm going to get two of them. I'm done using three different pans and cleaning them," commented another person.


If you're interested in the divided pan, you can scoop one up on Amazon for $36.99. According to the product page, it's non-stick and made of heavy-duty cast aluminum. It can also be used for various heat sources — including gas, induction, and electric cooking stoves — and features a heat-resistant bakelite handle.

Tips for cooking breakfast with a divided pan:

The trick to using a divided pan is to consider the cooking times of each food. For instance, you'll want to start with things like potatoes and eggs, which typically take longer to cook. On the flipside, foods like mini pancakes can be added later on.

Needless to say, cooking breakfast is about to be so much easier.



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