This DIY Plant Hack Gives Your Plants the Spotlight They Deserve

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Plants are beautiful all on their own — no doubt about that. There's just something about greenery that brings on a sense of peace, joy, and the need to own as much vegetation as possible. But as with everything in life, sometimes plants just need a little extra something to spruce them up, and Instagrammer @decor.snippets had a brilliant idea about how to do that.


The creator began by showing off their charming olive tree — theirs is a fake plant, but a real one will work just as great. (Maybe try shopping one of these plant deals from Costco?) They are also using this gorgeous concrete bowl planter, which is just a bit bigger than the base of the olive tree, so there's plenty of room to fill the open space in the pot.

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The Instagrammer then measures a circle from a moss mat that just fits the opening of the planter. They then add the olive tree to the pot and fill it with paper, just about to the top, but not quite. You can use other fillers instead of paper, like cardboard or even rocks, in order to provide a base for the moss.

Next, @decor.snippets rests this wireless LED light next to the trunk of the tree on top of the paper before using the moss as a cover to hide everything — just make sure to leave the light bulb peeking out of the top. They do this by cutting a straight line from the end of the moss circle to the middle, in order to have a little more flexibility.


The creator can control the light with a remote control, but it can be nice to leave on in the evenings to add to the cozy ambiance in your home or backyard. The result is a mystical addition to your already stunning plants. Plus, we are always interested in "spotlighting" greenery.

If you're looking for more ways to add plants to your home, here are a few ideas:



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