4 Outdated Front Door Trends

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An outdated front door won't necessarily make the best impression on people who are visiting your home for the first time. After all, you want a front door to reflect a vibe that represents you, as well as the interior decor of your living space.


Curb appeal is important and you definitely want guests (or prospective home buyers) to be excited about seeing the inside of your home. Ditching the outdated front door is an easy, but sometimes overlooked, home upgrade.

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It may be time for a quick facelift if you're still sporting these four outdated front door trends.

1. Oval Lite Front Doors

According to Leslie Murphy, creative director and owner of Murphy Maude Interiors, "The oval lite front doors of the '90s are definitely outdated. They feel bulky with not a lot of room for natural light." (Oval lite doors are those with an ovular pane in the center.)


Murphy's clients opt for a more modern look. Currently, "steel front doors with large glass windows that allow for plenty of light are both clean and striking — the perfect balance that makes for a beautiful grand entrance," she tells Hunker.

2. Bright Colors

You might be tempted to stain or paint your door with bright colors, but this trend is antiquated. "Painting a door in bright colors is a very outdated trend. Although, at the time, it looks great, bright front doors become tiring, and eventually people stop decorating their front porch to match as time goes on. This makes the door seem out of place and unappealing," says Karen Lee, a household decor expert and owner of Smart Robotic Home.


Lee adds that bright-colored doors can impact resale values, too. "Bright red, pink, orange, and blue can also make it more difficult to sell your home later down the road, as brighter colors do not fade well," Lee tells Hunker. Eventually, the doors look washed out, and cracked paint becomes more noticeable. She recommends homeowners stick to darker, more muted front door colors.

3. Old-World Hardware

The classic knob or knocker that looks vintage is losing popularity. "If your knob, knocker, or lock has that brushed, old-world look, then your door is dated," says Robin Burrill, CEO and principal designer at Signature Home Services. However, it's not all bad news. Burrill says the most economical way to update your front door is to switch out the hardware. "New knockers and knobs today are sleek and elegant, so look for a minimalist set to bring your door design into the modern era," adds Burrill.


4. Standard Geometry

Doors with character are currently trending. "If you have panels or square or rectangular designs carved into your front door, is it a unique design or something you've seen on homes for as long as you can remember? Today's trending doors feature unusual geometry carved into beautiful textured wood, lined timber, and other options that add interest but keep in line with the minimalist look so many of us love," says Burrill.



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