4 Plant Trends You'll See in 2022

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Calling all green thumbs. Are you excited for what the year will bring? Plant retailer The Sill has just released its predictions for the biggest greenery trends of 2022, and plant expert Erin Marino, the company's editorial lead, is here to walk us through them all.


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And if you're still mastering the art of keeping a houseplant alive, don't worry! There are some low-maintenance trends on the horizon, so you won't get left out of all the plant fun.

1. Shimmering leaves and unique foliage

"Calatheas were pretty popular last year thanks to their dramatic foliage and nyctinastic leaf movements," Marino tells Hunker. "We're hypothesizing the interest in unique foliage will continue, and plants with equally extraordinary leaves will share the spotlight in 2022."


She recommends ​Begonia rex​ varieties for their fun colors and patterns (keep an eye out on The Sill's offerings later this year), as well as the silver satin, or ​Scindapsus pictus,​ for its silvery radiance. Helpful hint: Silver Satins are actually easy to care for!

2. Orchids and blooming plants

"Orchids sometimes get a bad rap for being a 'difficult' plant and are sometimes tossed after they've bloomed. However, we're seeing an interest in growing orchids as houseplants — not just [as] gifts or short-lived decor," says Marino.


And it's loved by plant influencers, too. Marino adds that Phoebe Cheong, also known as @welcometothejunglehome, predicts 2022 will be a big year for orchids. "Given her sizable plant collection, Phoebe has become more selective around the new plants she brings home," says Marino. "Orchids make the cut thanks to their pet-friendliness, petite size, number of varieties to test out, and, for Phoebe, their connection to her grandma."


3. Plant propagation and cuttings

Growing a plant doesn't need to be a solitary activity! You can form bonds with other plant lovers in your family or social circles.


"Especially as some of us continue to spend more time at home and less time traveling to see others, sharing photos of our growing houseplants, plant care tips and tricks, and major milestones like an orchid rebloom help us connect with long distanced loved ones that share our passion for plants or houseplant hobby," says Marino.

But don't just share your plants digitally — consider propagating them and sharing them IRL! "My mom and her sisters all have cuttings, now rooted and planted, from my late grandmother's rose bushes," says Marino. "When they bloom in late spring, it is a really exciting moment in the family group chat."


4. Easy-care statement plants

"People love a big statement plant!" says Marino. "Whether it's a monstera deliciosa, fiddle leaf fig tree, or giant euphorbia, plant parents and design enthusiasts love a big plant that really brings the outdoors in."


Fortunately, not all statement plants are difficult to take care of. "If you're looking for a tall plant that is less fickle than the fiddle leaf fig, try a variety of Dracaena like the Dracaena marginata," says Marino. "Plants from the genus Dracaena make for popular houseplants thanks to their easy-going nature and tolerance of infrequent waterings and lower light levels."


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