The Best Sleep Trackers for a Better Night of Rest

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Sleep is one of the most precious wellness practices we have. But, no matter how hard you try to get your shut eye, it can be hard to keep track of how much you're actually getting at night. Sleep trackers help monitor your sleep patterns to have a clearer picture of your resting hours. Once you see the data, you can make adjustments and focus on improving the quality of sleep you're getting.


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There are even sleep trackers for babies — these focus on monitoring the baby's oxygen levels, movements, and sleeping position. We know how tricky choosing sleep tracking can be since so many options are available. To help you narrow it down, we've compiled a list of the best wearables for both adults and babies that track sleep.


5 Best Sleep Trackers for Adults

Wearable sleep trackers include bracelets, smartwatches, and rings. While there are some additional sleep trackers that go under the mattress to track your movements with sensors, for the sake of this list, we'll be focusing on wearables.

1. Best Overall: The Oura Ring, $299

While pricey, the Oura smart ring records heart rate, temperature, breathing rate, and even skin temperature. The ring connects to Apple Health and Google Fit to give detailed data about your sleeping habits. Each night, the ring gives you a sleep score with advice on improving the quality of your sleep.


2. Best Smartwatch: Fitbit Sense, $299.95

For anyone looking to track more than just their sleep, the Fitbit Sense smartwatch is a great all-in-one wearable option. It comes with a voice assistant, a pedometer, menstrual health tracking, and more. The watch connects to a sleep app that offers you personalized advice on how to improve your sleep quality. It will also set a smart alarm to wake you up at the optimal time each morning.


3. Best for Mindfulness: Muse S, $349.99

The Muse S is a headband that monitors brain activity, tracks movement, temperature, and heart rate while you sleep. It uses data points to provide you with personalized guided meditation sessions to improve relaxation at night. The headband also tracks restlessness, which side you sleep on, and any sleep disruptions. Over time, this wearable is meant to be incorporated into your mindfulness practice to improve sleep patterns.


4. Best Fitness: Garmin Venu 2, $399.99

Garmin is usually the last brand that comes to mind when thinking about sleep trackers. But, the Garmin Venu 2 smartwatch tracks sleep duration, offering a breakdown of sleeping cycles and wake-up times. It keeps track of respiration rates, stress levels, blood oxygen levels, and other factors that affect sleep quality. Of course, this smartwatch also focuses on tracking different health data points and fitness variables for a 360-wellness view.


5. Best Style: Whoop 4.0, $30/month+

The Whoop 4.0 is a smart wristband that tracks tons of metrics while you sleep. The sensor in the band tracks respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and more. It also comes with a haptic alarm that produces gentle vibrations to wake you up at optimal times without disrupting your sleep cycles to feel refreshed and invigorated. The sensor (and wristband) are water-resistant, making it an easy to wear all-day wearable.


5 Best Sleep Trackers for Babies

Every new parent is concerned about their baby's sleep (or lack thereof). Besides nanny cams and sensors, wearables to track a baby's sleep patterns are becoming more and more common. Some even include a very important function — alerting parents when the baby turns. These are some of the most popular (and loved) sleep trackers for babies out of all the ones in the market.


The Nanit Pro has a contactless monitoring option, but the breathing band and camera combo are perfect for new parents. Nanit's camera tracks the movement of your little one by reading the pattern on the breathing band. There's no sensor needed here, so you get a 2-in-1 product. You can keep track of sleep patterns, breathing rates, skin temperature, and much more. Out of all the options, this has the most sleep analytics.

2. Most Discreet: Owlet Smart Sock, $299

The Owlet smart sock is a wearable slip-on that tracks movement, baby positions, sleep quality, heart rate, temperature, oxygen levels, and more. It's an easy-to-wear and portable option that provides plenty of information to parents about their little ones' sleep patterns.

The Snuza Hero SE is a wearable clip that, besides being a sleep tracker, comes with a vibration feature that gently rouses the baby from sleep. While this is one of the simplest devices, the clip can be uncomfortable for some babies. Still, this is a great device to have around, especially if your baby sleeps in the same room as you do.

4. Best Button: Sense-U Baby, $199.99

The Sense-U is a small button that will monitor the baby's breathing and moving patterns. It's contoured to clip and fit snugly onto any diaper without becoming annoying for your baby. It also tracks skin temperature, if your baby rolls onto their stomach, and more. This tiny wearable comes with a parent unit and a smartphone app to control and keep track of everything.

5. Most Affordable: Pampers Lumi, $21.99

Very similar to other clip-ons or buttons, the Lumi by Pampers is a small button that you can attach to your baby's diaper. It tracks sleep patterns and other metrics to help you better understand your baby's sleep routine. However, the only downside to the Lumi is that it works exclusively with Lumi diapers. You have to connect to the subscription-based app to get access to expert coaching and advice on improving your baby's sleep.

When you start looking at your sleep patterns (and your baby's!) through the lens of wearable, you'll begin to notice the things that disrupt your night sleep. Before you know it, you'll know exactly how to set yourself and your bedroom for the ultimate night's rest.