5 Home Office Trends to Expect in 2022

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It's obvious at this point that some people are working remotely permanently. For those who are staying at home, or have maybe moved to a new city entirely, one decor project that has been top of mind is the office.


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You can get as creative as you want — or keep things neutral and balanced. We've seen it all at this point. But what are the most important factors to keep in mind? We asked the experts.

Here are some of the 2022 home office trends that the pros are keeping their eyes on. Get ready for some major inspo.

1. A Desk That Does It All

It's not just about form or style — it's about both. Hilary Matt, of Hilary Matt Interiors, tells Hunker that "larger desks and emphasis on comfort" will be top of mind going into the new year.

"People are realizing that their work from home [space] is becoming more permanent and they should spend time making it as comfortable as possible," Matt says. "People are no longer using their portable laptops and they are setting up their desktops on the desk. They want to make sure their desks are large enough to accommodate that and any other electronics they will need."

2. Space to Decompress

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

It's important to take breaks — especially when you don't have the usual chats by the coffee machine you used to have. Recent design shifts totally reflect this.

"Many clients are asking for separate seating areas if the space allows," says Matt. "They want to be able to step away from their desk/desk chair and sit on a more comfortable chair or sofa to break up the day."


Shaolin Low, interior designer and home stager at Studio Shaolin, has also noticed this is top of mind. Low tells Hunker that there's a desire for "comfortable office chairs, desks, and a lounge space when you need that five minute reset before your next call."

3. Custom Touches

It's not just about creating a productive space — home office enthusiasts also want something that's unique.

BOA, founder of OI Studio, tells Hunker that she's noticed a move towards eye-catching colors, like powder blue or even rose gold, as people infuse their personalities into their work space.

"My clients want home office furniture that is very far away from resembling their former corporate workspaces," BOA tells Hunker. "Furniture that is more aesthetically residential — and bespoke. Everyone wants their pieces to be one-of-a-kind."

4. Gadget-Hiding and Charging Solutions

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

All that hard work means you'll drain the battery from your gadgets pretty quickly. And it's tough, sometimes, to figure out the best way to keep everything at full charge.

"Clients are asking for the ability to ensure everything they need to get a long day's work done is available and extremely accessible," interior designer Breegan Jane tells Hunker. "I love the Radiant Wireless Charger from Legrand for this very reason. Wireless charges simply make their lives easier." ​(Editor's note: Jane is a Legrand brand ambassador).


We can attest to seeing some chic wireless chargers on the market as of late. It's all about incorporating them in a way that feels natural and doesn't take away from your decor style. And, this way, you can easily transition the space by stowing away all those work-related items.

"Clients are requesting a place to "hide" their office items: integrated laptop drawers, outlet covers, and desk chairs that double as accent chairs are specific elements that can easily camouflage an office space, turning it into a library or lounge on evenings and weekends," Liza Kuhn, of Liza Kuhn Interiors, tells Hunker.

5. Exercise Equipment

Need a breather from all that work? With some people still finding ways to work out at home consistently, the home office can be a great space to use for other purposes, too.

"Our increased time at home is paired with decreased exercise that we used to gain simply by walking to work or running around a commercial office," Kuhn says. "Small-space gym equipment like Peloton bikes, yoga mats, and Mirror home workout systems are specific items that can easily be integrated into even the most compact home offices."

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