7 Costco Sets That Make for Perfect Stocking Stuffers

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It's hard to believe we're already approaching the holidays, but it's time to start thinking about gifts — especially with all those pesky supply chain problems. So even though it might feel a bit early, you'll want to think about prepping your stocking stuffers a little sooner than December 23.


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Thankfully, Costco has you covered with plenty of little goodies to delight kids and adults alike.

1. Mestigé Luxury Party Crackers (set of 8), $29.99

Celebrate with a British tradition — Christmas crackers! Each of these pops open to reveal a little gift, a trivia fact, and a paper party hat.


2. Butter London Mini Patent Shine Nail Lacquer Set, $48.99

Divvy up this set of ten mini nail polishes (non-toxic, we might add!) amongst your stockings. There are five neutrals and five reds/pinks that range from mauve to coral.


3. Stockmeyer Gingerbread Decorating Kits (set of 2), $29.99

A gingerbread decorating kit is the perfect Christmas activity — show off your artistic skills (or laugh at your lack thereof), then enjoy a sweet treat! These kits come with everything you need: cookies, icing, and candy decorations.


4. Sea & Sand 4 oz. Scented Votive Candles (set of 12), $29.99

Each of these soy candles has a different scent, some of which are holiday-themed (Mulled Wine and Winter Pine) and some of which will transport you elsewhere in the world — like the fruity Crescent Bay Breeze, which brings together lychee, mango, pineapple, passionfruit, and vanilla.


5. Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream (set of 10), $23.99

You might've had goat cheese before, but have you ever tried goat milk hand cream? Goat milk is quite nourishing to the skin, working both as a natural exfoliant and a moisturizer.


6. Squeezamals Vending Machine Collection (set of 12), $39.99

Each of these adorable plush characters is made from slow-rise foam, making them quite fun to squish and squeeze. Stress relief, anyone?


7. St. Michel Madeleines (box of 100), $42.99

These classic French madeleines are divine — and they're individually wrapped, which makes them great stocking stuffers. Be forewarned that this is a box of 100 treats, but they're so scrumptious it probably won't be difficult to polish them all off.