The 12 Coziest Fire Pits for Any Backyard

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With winter around the corner, finding ways to comfortably spend time in your outdoor space is about to become a whole lot trickier. But there's one method of warming up we've been turning to for eons: fire. While a fire in the winter might be as old as time itself, fire pits have come a long way, modernizing in both practice and style.


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Today, you can choose fire pits ranging from traditional to modern, wood-burning to propane, cast iron to stone, and even ones that promise a smoke-free night. But with all those options, what's best for you?

First, start by determining what style suits you. Stay traditional — think stones and classic designs — or go contemporary with unique shapes, linear elements, and unexpected colors and materials. After deciding on your style, things get a little more technical as you choose between a wood-burning or gas pit.


Propane fire pits are, above all else, convenient. You'll never have to gather wood, try and fail to light a log, sit around as you wait for the last bit of fire to go out, or leave smelling like the fire. But, they also don't give off nearly as much heat and require a gas hookup, either to a line or propane tank. Wood fires, on the other hand, offer more heat, a cheap installation, and an authentic-fire feel, but they require more prep and clean up. Determining which type of fire suits your lifestyle and climate are essential in picking the right fire pit for your backyard.


To help you on your search, we gathered 12 of our favorite fire pits that cover a variety of styles and burns to help cozy up your winter nights. Each offers some or all of the above: unique features, cost efficiency, and/or customer approval. Read on to find the right outdoor fire pit for you.

The 12 Best Fire Pits for Your Backyard

For a cost-effective, durable, fire-burning pit, there are few better options than this Sunnydaze Crossweave pit. The steel composition and high-temperature topcoat make this pit one that will last you for years. Additionally, it is weather-resistant and rust-proof. The spark screen and fire poker, making for easier and safer maintenance, are both included.


For a more craftsman-style but still budget-friendly option, there's the Axxonn Alhambra Fire Pit. The stone mantle matches your aesthetic, while the powder-coated steel meets your quality standards. The weatherproof coating protects against both cold weather and UV rays, and the rust-resistant finish means you can leave it out in the winter without the worry of rain or snow ruining your new buy. This fire pit comes with a safety mesh screen lid, log grate, and poker included. Join the 300 reviewers who gave this fire pit a five-star rating.


Go modern with this concrete fire pit table. With a sleek design and surrounding space to sit snacks, drinks, and whatever else you'll want for a night by the fire, this also doubles as a centerpiece. At 56" wide, this fire pit is perfect for larger back patios. Propane-powered and with lava rock included, this Elementi table makes a cozy night outside as easy as flipping a switch.


This Elementi Manchester Fire Pit perfectly shows that you don't have to forgo modern fire practices for a rustic design. This heavy-duty, cast concrete table is designed to take us back in time, invoking images of natural wood and tree stumps, while offering the low maintenance of today's fire. This gas fire pit works with both Natural Gas or Liquid Propane and includes lava rock and a canvas cover.


One of our favorite portable fire pits is this compact but durable option from Snow Peak. This fireplace easily folds down to lay flat and fits into the included nylon carrying case. You also have the option to add on a cooking grate and/or grill bridge. So, while this might be your backyard fire pit, it's also perfect for weekend camping trips. The Pack & Carry is a wood-burning fire pit that, at 18" wide, is made for smaller, more intimate fires.


This Outland Living Firebowl has over 6,000 reviews, 87% of which are five stars. But if that's not enough to convince you, we're pretty sure this fire pit's price and features will. This is a propane-burn pit that requires no assembly other than a propane hookup. The chrome valve knob allows you to play with the fire's height, finding the perfect setting for your night, while the lava rocks enhance the flickering (so even though it's a smoke-free gas fire, it feels incredibly authentic). This fire pit is also CSA approved, beating campfire bans as it is spark-free.

This highly reviewed fire pit from Frontgate is one of our favorites. Where many are made of either stainless steel or concrete, this pit is a shining copper that has been "rigorously safety tested to withstand extreme heat and weather." We love the elegance the copper brings, proving that our outdoor furniture doesn't have to be completely basic. This fire-burning pit contains an iron grate that "allows for a well-ventilated fire."

For something unique, there's the Terrain Steel Obelisk Chiminea. An untraditional shape for an outdoor fire pit, this option more closely resembles a fireplace with a chimney. Each chiminea is made from one piece of heat-resistant weathering steal. Below the fire pit is a covered storage spot for wood, making the most of the vertical design.

This fire pit has quickly become a favorite for its multi-use design. When you're not using it for fires, you can convert it into the perfect patio table by putting on the hardwood top. This is ideal for those who feel a traditional fire pit doesn't perfectly match their aesthetic. It also means you won't have to look at an empty, not-in-use outdoor fireplace each summer. This wood-burning fire pit "can be used on a wood deck with a non-flammable and heat resistant barrier."

Breeo's Luxeve Fire Pit is — as far as fire pits go — pretty revolutionary! While gas-burning fire pits have always been able to offer a smoke-free burn, it's not often you hear of a wood-burning option being able to do the same. Breeo's patented X Airflow System gives the fire room to breathe, resulting in less smoke, while the "double-walled convection pulls air up into the walls to re-burn the smoke on its way out of the fire pit." This is all to say, you can enjoy burned wood without having to dodge smoke. In addition to this technological feat, the pit also gives buyers the chance to customize, offering four pit colors and five glass colors.

Looking for a fire pit to match your well-maintained, stone-focused backyard? This stone fire pit looks like an extension of the patio, with classic stone built up to create a picturesque pit. While the look might be more traditional, this fire pit is propane burning, easily turned on and off with a smoke-free burn. The Petra also comes with filler and a cover.

This fire pit from The Home Depot is completely unique. The round shape creates a beautiful, lit globe, and the tree branch pattern adds a whimsical forest touch. This fire pit comes with a spherical spark screen that offers 360-degree views and a porcelain fire bowl inside. It's 26 inches in diameter. With over 500 five-star reviews, this is one of The Home Depot's top-rated and reviewed fire pits.