These People Actually Used Astrology to Help Them Buy a Home

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Astrology is certainly having a moment. From astrology-themed social media accounts to dating apps based on your zodiac sign, it seems that the ancient practice of studying the influence of the stars and planets on human activity is everywhere. And while many people see astrology as entertainment, others have turned to the practice for guidance in making significant life decisions like buying a home.


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Wilda Previl is a business astrologer who has been studying astrology for seven years. In that time, Previl says she learned how her birth chart (a map of the planets' location at your exact moment of birth) impacted the decisions that she made in her life. Specifically, she used her birth chart to relocate from Houston and buy a home in South Florida.

"After I had seen the power of choosing my wedding date with astrology, my next project was to use astrology to buy a home," Previl tells Hunker. "Astrocartography is locational astrology that focuses on one's birth chart and shows you where you'll feel the planets' energies."

Previl and her family were looking for a big city with diversity, access to airports for international travel, and lots of outdoor activities for her children. They eventually chose Miami because of the city's planetary energy.

"We settled on Miami because it was between my Venus and Neptune lines," Previl says. "Venus is the planet of partnerships, values, beauty, and culture. Neptune is the planet of inspiration, art, and spirituality. I also did a birth chart on Miami and learned that the city has heavy Neptune energy, which makes sense why people tend to experience euphoria when they're here."

Besides using astrocartography, homebuyers are also turning to tarot card readers for guidance. Arriana Fox is a tarot card reader with over 25 years of experience and says that home buying is a common area that clients ask about. Fox considers tarot readings to be a helpful tool for potential homeowners because it allows them to self-reflect.

"The universe will point out what is being overlooked to help guide you in your choices," Fox tells Hunker. "The advice will make you think before you buy and help you choose the features that are most important to your inner being and spirit."


For those who may be skeptical of the methods, astrology and introspective readings can be seen as just another tool for potential homebuyers to examine their feelings around buying a home. Such an investment can be a deeply emotional process and consulting a spiritual reader can help homebuyers avoid jumping into a home purchase without considering all of the outcomes.

Dr. Tajinder Singh is another homeowner who used unconventional guidance before purchasing his latest home. Wanting to make sure that his home purchase aligned with his personal energy, Singh consulted Jesse Kalsi, an astronumerologist with over 20 years of experience studying the energy of numbers.

"When I came across my [current] home, I consulted Mr. Kalsi," Singh tells Hunker. "The first thing we checked was the direction the front door was facing towards the street. The door was facing northeast, which was good, so then the street number was checked to see if it matched my energy. And from there, Mr. Kalsi said everything was in harmony, and the planets and energies aligned properly so this house would be a success in our lives. And by the grace of God, I have been blessed with success."

Kalsi has two authored books about astronumerology, and the latest, All About Numbers, dives into the idea that each number carries its own vibrational energy.

"Homebuyers should consider many angles in buying a home," Kalsi tells Hunker. "One of them is the street address — that is very important. The number on the door has to vibrate with the number energies of all occupants of the home for success, abundance, and prosperity. Don't rush to buy or sell, but work with your timing and numbers."

While these methods may be unconventional, most real estate experts support the idea of asking important questions and engaging in some self-reflection before making a purchase. Whether it's through an astrological advisor, tarot card reader, or a trusted family member or friend, potential homeowners benefit from having a source to help point out any blind spots while they make a careful, considered decision.


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