This Woman Found a Genius Way to Hide Her Printer in Style

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There are several home devices that can be irksome to look at and difficult to hide. One such item is the home printer. Now that many of us are working from home, we've had to adopt in-house printers — however, these items aren't always the most pleasant to look at from a stylistic standpoint.


To save all of us from having to stare down a printer that doesn't go with the rest of our decor, TikTok user @kendrafoundit came up with a genius solution. Rather than keeping her printer out in the open on a desk or home office surface, she hides hers away in a wicker basket.

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The best part is that the printer's cord easily fits through the gap between the basket and its lid. However, if you try this at home, make sure to keep the printer unplugged when it's not in use to prevent a fire. And when you are printing something, keep an eye on the device just to be safe.

In the same video, @kendrafoundit also showcases how she hides her paper shredder. In the deeper basket next to her hidden printer, she stores the paper shredder so that it's out of sight, but still available for use. The same idea can apply to even more devices.

Where can you get a wicker basket large enough to fit a printer?

Before you head out to purchase a basket for your printer, make sure you measure the device. Then, check online to see if you can find the perfect receptacle. At Pottery Barn, a large lidded basket is available for $59 and Target has one for $70.


You'll also want to note that your basket might not fit your printer in a way that allows it to print without the paper getting folded. However, as long as there is some room for the paper to be released, it shouldn't be too damaged when you go to remove it from the basket. If you're worried about this, you could also temporarily remove the printer from the basket whenever you are printing something.

Here's to simple, but genius, design ideas!



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