8 Gorgeous Items for Your Compact Meditation Station

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If you've been wanting to start a meditation practice, there's no time like the present. Meditation has a positive effect on our day-to-day lives — it's an easy way to help reduce stress, lower anxiety, and get you into present-moment awareness. The products we've chosen here are a beautiful way to set the scene for your daily practice — no matter the size of your home or room. You can move them, store them, and rearrange them whenever you want.


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Keep this mat under a bed, in a closet, or out in the open depending on your space. The comfortable cushion, made with an all-natural, hypoallergenic buckwheat hull fill, helps your posture by creating a naturally balanced curve in your spine. And, while you can buy the cushion and mat separately, they work really well together, with the mat protecting knees and ankles from hard floors. (This extra padding is worth it.) The cushion comes with a built-in carrying handle, so it's easy to move around. And, if this setup is still too big for you, consider using the travel-size cushion — it's super compact and convenient.

Use a tray as a moveable "altar." The antique mirror bottom will reflect light and pretty items such as candles and crystals. There's something about this tray that just feels magical. You won't mind having this out on a credenza or table as part of your decor throughout the rest of the day.

Every meditation moment will feel elevated with candles, and all you really need is a simple white candle. What we like about these tealights is that they last and don't flicker (which can be distracting when meditating). These come in a pack of 48, so you'll be able to keep your space lit up for a while.


Place one of those tea lights in this 100% hand carved alabaster holder, and then place it in the middle of your tray. It creates a soft glow, setting the mood perfectly.

Incense might not be for everyone, but people love this particular brand and scent. It's not too overwhelming and has a soft, spicy scent — a little mix of powder and smoke and flowers. We do realize that it can be challenging to describe scents, but take our word, this one is lovely. Light it right before you start meditating and let it burn the whole time.

If you're going to burn incense, you'll need a holder. This stoneware design is simple and earthy, with a speckled white glaze.

Keep things design-worthy going by using a gorgeous match striker with wood matches (instead of a lighter). There's just something about the ritual of striking a match against a ceramic holder to begin your ritual. This is handmade clay and comes with a tube of matches and one strike pad. Available in black, terra cotta, and sandstone.


Add some crystals to your tray, such as this piece of amethyst from Brazil. She's a stunner, isn't she? According to Spirit Daughter, amethyst "activates the third eye chakra, opening the portal to your physic ability and intuition. It helps you build trust in your inner knowledge and heal the part of you that resists it. Hold some while meditating or have it in your space to hear your highest self — the part of you connected to the wisdom of the Universe."