Why You Might See Random Bars of Soap in Someone's Garden

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Seeing a bar of soap casually lying in someone's garden is one of those things that might make you go, "Huh?" However, there is a reason why that bar of soap is there.


When you spend oodles of time cultivating a beautiful garden, it can be heartbreaking to see pests devour all your hard work. Amongst those pests are deer, who, understandably, love to munch on thriving plants. How are you supposed to prevent them from doing so, you ask? Soap is one surprising solution.

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Since deer have sensitive noses, they can be deterred by items that give off a strong scent — like Irish Spring soap. With this in mind, many people will hang the soap in their gardens or arrange it on stakes around their beloved plants (here's more info on how to do this). You'll also notice that soap is an ingredient in a lot of deer repellents.


So next time you see soap in someone's garden, you'll immediately know that they're dealing with unwelcome deer guests. And if you are having problems with deer eating all your plants, you might want to give this hack a try.



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