The Best Sleeping Bags for Hot Weather

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You never know what a summer evening will be like. The best hot weather sleeping bags should stand up to morning dew, nighttime temperature drops, and sticky humidity. Going to bed cool and waking up warm: That's what you need from a good bag.


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Material can make or break your outdoor gear. At the risk of overheating, you'll need to look for features like a breathable lining and denier count. Denier count is a way of measuring fiber thickness, or the thickness of individual strands that make up the fabric.

Scroll down to find the best sleeping bag for summer camping.

1. Patagonia Hardware-Free Lightweight Sleeping Bag, $199

A 10-denier shell and lining with no hardware make this compressible sleeping bag a top pick for light packing.

2. Klymit 20°F KSB Synthetic Sleeping Mummy Bag, $79.99

Designed with flexible baffles to eliminate air movement and an overstuffed foot box for cozy comfort, this bag is great for those "not too hot" nights.

3. Mo&Su Silk Sheet Sack, from $201.06

Sometimes the best hot weather sleeping bag isn't one at all, but a silk liner, which helps to regulate body temperature, is naturally mosquito repellent, and hypoallergenic. The sack is made to fit into a sleeping bag or be used on its own.


4. Naturehike Outdoor Envelope Ultralight Sleeping Bags Lightweight, $39

This ultra-lightweight material breathes and yet provides shelter from chilly morning dew. It's also made from soft 20D380T nylon fabric that repels water.

5. Outdoor Research Interstellar Bivy, $275

Skip the sleeping bag altogether on scorching nights and purchase a bivy bag. A single pole creates headspace within the enclosure while a mesh window keeps nighttime bugs out.

6. Bessport Sleeping Bag, $17.37

This is an affordable, warm-weather sleeping bag that works well in temperatures of 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit — and if it happens to hit 90 one night, simply open the bottom to let your feet breathe.

7. Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, $29.95

This mummy sleeping bag (with a secret, interior valuables pocket) is excellent for warmer nights. If the evening temperature drops below 55 degrees, however, you might feel a chill.


8. Extra Long Nordisk Oscar Mummy Sleeping Bag, $149

This compressing "mummy sack" includes a smooth nylon shell and lining designed to keep you cozy down to 50 degrees.

9. Marmot Idlewild Doublewide Sleeping Bag, $178.95

Designed with ripstop face fabric to wick moisture away from your body, this two-person sleeping bag will keep you cool so you wake up refreshed.

10. The North Face Eco-Trail Bed Double Sleeping Bag: 20F Synthetic, $198.95

Sleep as you do at home, with room to get comfortable and twist and turn, in this double-wide sleeping bag.

11. Zenbivy Light Quilt 40º Synthetic, $111.20

Here's another hardwareless design that can function as a mummy sleeping sack or as an ultra-soft lightweight quilt and works for temps as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


12. Naturehike CW280 White Goose Down Sleeping Bag, $137.50

Made with 800 fill power goose-down and lightweight construction, this bag is a good choice for comfortably sleeping out under the stars.

13. Kids Hemp Linen Sleeping Bag Organic Hemp Fiber Filling in Linen, $125

Don't worry, we didn't forget the kiddos. Pesticide- and herbicide-free, this kids' sleeping bag is made with linen, which allows excellent ventilation and keeps the little ones dry.