This New Insect Forecast Tool Is a Camping Trip Savior

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Experiences and events can easily be ruined by a pest problem, especially if you're outside camping and have nowhere else to go. To combat this dilemma, AccuWeather has a Pest Index that will help you prepare for both indoor and outdoor pests based on your location and weather forecast.


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In partnership with SC Johnson, the Pest Index looks like your average weather forecast, but tells you about low, moderate, or high insect levels instead. This information is alongside the temperature and weather for the day. A sample pest forecast reads, "The weather is favorable for a high level of outdoor pest activity such as mosquitoes and ticks. Plan activities and insect repellents accordingly."


This feature is a game-changer for people planning outside gatherings and camping. For instance, say you're planning a woodsy trip for sometime next week. You can look at the Pest Index to figure out which days would be best and bug-free for some outdoor living. After all, no one wants to go camping when a swarm of mosquitoes is looming — especially if you weren't aware that you'd need extra insect repellent.


The same can be said for indoor events or just everyday living. If you have had an ant problem in the past, it would be helpful to know when you should keep an eye out for them. To prepare, you could even set ant traps for days when you know the bugs are going to be out and about.

What can you use as insect repellent?

You can find a list of unexpected mosquito repellent ideas — from citronella coils to body balm — here. It never hurts to have multiple options available when spending long periods of time outside. Interestingly, lemon juice can also be used as a mosquito repellent.

For more information on household products that can be used to kill bugs that have made their way inside, you can find more information here.


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