The 11 Best IKEA Food Court Items in Other Countries

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Who doesn't love the novelty of an IKEA food court? Especially when you've spent hours wandering through one of the brand's stores, IKEA's Swedish-inspired menu can be a welcome reprieve. However, did you know that IKEA sells different food court items depending on what country you're in?


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Within its 445 stores in 54 markets, these are some of the best food court items IKEA sells across the globe.

1. Veggie Dog With Mashed Potato Topping — Japan

At IKEA Japan's Swedish bistro in Shibuya, the brand sells a veggie hot dog topped with mashed potatoes. It also appears to feature mustard and a crunchy topping (perhaps fried onions?). You're probably going to want to follow that with a donut fruit sandwich (the featured image).


2. Margherita Pizza — Italy

At many IKEA bistros in Italy, you can snag a Margherita pizza. The retailer states, "Come and taste our new organic pizza by the slice, freshly prepared and available Margherita or stuffed." A stuffed IKEA pizza? We're in!


3. Chicken Tikka Masala — India

In addition to dal makhani, veggie ball curry, a paneer wrap, and a mango cake, IKEA India sells a tasty chicken tikka masala.


4. Banoffee Tart — Australia

In Australia, IKEA food courts serve a banoffee tart, which is a chocolate tart featuring bananas, caramel, and cream. Um, when can we get this in America?!


5. Fish Spear — Iceland

At the IKEA Iceland restaurant, the "dish of the month" is the fish spear, which is served with a baked sweet potato, corn, and garlic sauce. At an IKEA bakery in Iceland, you can follow that up with a lemon pie, meringue cake, or cheese ribbon.


6. Chimichurri Lamb Chops — Saudia Arabia

IKEA Saudi Arabia isn't afraid to get fancy. As a main course, they serve chimichurri lamp chops with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and sweet corn. You can also order salmon and cod balls, veal curry, and even lasagna.


7. Princess Cake — Dominican Republic

At the IKEA bistro located in Santo Domingo, you can get a mouth-watering princess cake. It's a traditional Swedish cake featuring layers of sponge cake, pastry cream, and whipped cream, and it's covered in a layer of marzipan. We're off to the Dominican Republic!


8. Wok-Fried Pork Julienne — China

There are many tasty treats on the menu at IKEA's Beijing Siyuanqiao restaurant in China, but the wok-fried pork julienne stood out to us. It comes with vegetables in chili sauce and a side of rice. YUM.

9. Heart-Shaped Waffles — Kuwait

For breakfast, IKEA serves its Kuwaiti customers heart-shaped waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream. We have never been more jealous in our lives.

10. Smoothie Trio — IKEA Romania

At IKEA Romania's restaurant, they sell a cute smoothie trio that includes a red, yellow, and orange drink. The red smoothie contains ingredients like strawberries, apples, and sweet potatoes, while the yellow features pineapples, mangos, and carrots. As for the orange smoothie, it includes oranges, mangos, and sweet potatoes.

11. Horse-Shaped Chicken Sausage — IKEA Thailand

At the IKEA restaurant in Thailand, you can get a flat chicken sausage ... that's shaped like a horse. We're not going to question it — we just want to try it!