13 Under-$30 IKEA Products for Balcony Cuteness

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If you have a balcony, your home is already on the right side of cute — balconies are cozy, sweet, and intimate. What's not to crush on, especially when you have it all decked out? When shopping online recently at IKEA, we were struck by the many products that are perfectly suited for smaller spaces. Below, we feature our favorite under-$30 items so you can have a beautiful balcony without breaking the bank.


1. Tärnö Table, $29.99

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At the very least, every balcony should have a place for you to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or an evening cocktail. This compact foldable table is a solid choice.

2. Tärnö Chair, $20

Of course, if you're going to set up the Tärnö Table, you'll need a set of chairs. These are a match made in IKEA heaven.


3. Nissafors Utility Cart, $29.99

We adore this rolling cart and think it's a stylish way to display a mini outdoor bar, whether you're serving cocktails or mocktails.


4. Nypon Plant Pot, $12

Place this 9 1/2-inch pot on your balcony floor and put a little lemon tree in it for a dose of daily sunshine.



5. Olivblad Plant Stand, $24.99

For small or cascading plants, this stand provides the support you need. If you prefer to steer clear of greenery, you can also use it to hold drinks, magazines, candles, and vases.


6. Solarvet String Lights, $19.99

We are ​big​ fans of string lights. The soft ambiance of these mini lanterns will make your outdoor space feel so festive.


7. Svartra String Lights, $29.99

How could we talk about outdoor lights and not include this ubiquitous style with the black wire and exposed bulbs? Get a couple of strands and hang them on your wall and railing for a gorgeous glow.



8. Hyllis Shelf Unit, $21.99

Decorate this shelf unit with succulents, or place outdoor speakers on it, or use it to hold your crystals and incense. Whatever you do, make it personal.


9. Senapskal Decoration Greenhouse, $14.99

Honestly, how charming is this? Place a few small pots of herbs in it for a micro balcony garden.


10. Vitlök Flower Box, $17.99

Let your blooms be seen in this flower box that easily attaches to railings.

11. Borrby Lantern, $17.99


In addition to string lights, place some lanterns around your outdoor space. This design has a modern farmhouse feel to it. We recommend it as a complement to the Svartra string lights.

12. Enrum Lantern, $3.99

This lantern gives us boho vibes and would be a sweet match with the Solarvet string lights.

13. Benedikta Cushion Cover, $12.99

Give your chairs some coziness with a pillow or two. This striped beauty provides a pop of color and charisma.



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