H&M Home's New Napkins Are Based on Actual Etiquette Rules

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Amongst H&M Home's new arrivals is a pack of paper napkins that will do more than help you keep yourself tidy while eating. These napkins are entitled "The Secret Language of Cutlery" and they feature five cutlery settings based on actual etiquette.


Eat Drink Play Sydney reports that "your use of cutlery speaks a thousand words." In particular, the way your cutlery is arranged on a plate can tell your waiter where you are in your meal. For instance, if you are finished with your food, you can place your fork and knife vertically in the center of the plate.

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Rather than learning all these rules, H&M Home's napkins make it easy. If you're serving a fancy meal, simple add the napkins to the table. If, on the other hand, you're invited to a luxurious luncheon, perhaps you can slip one in your pocket as a cheat sheet.

For only $2.99, you can get a 20-pack of the three-ply Secret Language of Cutlery napkins. You should also note that they were sold out just yesterday, so these unique napkins might not be in stock for much longer.



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