A New Zillow Survey Reveals How Pandemic Movers Now Feel About Their Decision

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If you've wondered what pandemic moving has been like (and if it's worth it), Zillow's latest study holds the answer. In its first Mover Report, the real estate marketplace surveyed participants who have moved in the past year to find out how they feel about their decision now.


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Firstly, Zillow found out that in the past year, more than 11% of Americans moved and contributed to what the company calls the "Great Reshuffling." 76% of the people who did move felt that, pre-move, they were being held back by emotional factors. During the move, they also experienced self-doubt and stress.

However, despite the stress and challenging feelings, 80% of participants believe their recent move was worth it. Specifically, 53% of people said they experienced relief and 54% experienced happiness.


For many, the most rewarding part of moving in the past year has been the chance to start fresh. After their move, 59% of the people surveyed said that positive life events occurred, such as them being able to find a new passion or achieve a goal.

So there you have it. For the most part, a majority of the people who moved during the pandemic are satisfied with their decision.