This Vintage Rug Source Just Launched Its First Bath Collection — and It's Giving Us Major Vacay Vibes

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In a time when we're trying to squeeze a little more self-care out of every moment, taking a long, hot shower — or, better yet, a good soak in the tub — can be a great way to treat yourself and re-center. But if your hard-won bliss is brought to a record-screech halt the minute you step out to towel off ... well, it's a moot point.


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Ideally, getting dry is an extension of the relaxing experience, which is why we were so excited to hear one of our most-watched brands, Revival Rugs, was introducing its first-ever bath collection (available now).

Towels are a tricky thing. Too plush, and they take forever to dry. Too thin, and they just don't stack up to that spa-like feeling we're all aiming for. Revival mined some of the best producers in Turkey to create a towel that's plenty plush, but still dries quickly.


They selected 100% long-staple organic Siro-combed Turkish cotton for cozy weight and softness that only improves with use. Oh, and they added some fun (yet versatile) patterns and textures to spice things up.

In three colors inspired by the Aegean coast — a classic seaside blue, an of-the-moment blush, and a warm neutral shade — the collection is easy to incorporate into your existing decor and routine. Stock up on an entire set (with hand towels, washcloths, bath sheets, and a bath mat) and save, or pick up some pieces á la carte.


Prices range from $19 for a set of two washcloths to $79 for the decadent oversize bath sheet. As far as upgrading your every day goes, this is probably the easiest decision you'll make all year. Shop the full range at Revival Rugs now.


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