Everyone Seems to Want This Houseplant Right Now (Do You?)

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When you hear "Swiss cheese plant," what immediately comes to mind?


Holes, right?

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While this plant name might sound strange, we're pretty sure you're already familiar with it. It's also known as a Monstera plant, that hip piece of greenery you see in so many home tours and photos. (It's right up there with the ubiquitous fiddle-leaf fig tree.) And lately, it's been surging in popularity.


According to The Sill, there are two different species of Monstera (a tropical plant) that are cultivated as houseplants: Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii. The holes on a Monstera deliciosa eventually grow towards the edge and open up, leaving what looks like long slices within the leaf. The Monstera adansonii has longer, tapering leaves with completely enclosed leaf holes. (Hence, Swiss cheese!)


If you plan on adding a Swiss cheese plant to your home, keep in mind that it likes bright to medium indirect light, and should be watered weekly. Allow the soil to dry before watering. During warmer months, be sure to check the soil throughout the week — you may want to water more frequently.


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