8 Elusive La Croix Flavors to Hunt on Your Next Grocery Run

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Whether you pronounce it "La Croy" or "La Kwah," we can all agree: La Croix's sparkling waters are pretty much perfect. Calorie-free, the company's interesting flavors — like Apricot, Tangerine, or Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) — are ideal for your midday pickup or, better yet, your cocktail mixer. While you probably have your preferred variety, you might be keen to know that there's apparently a whole world of undiscovered La Croix flavors out there — they're just quite rare. So if you see one of these on your next grocery run, grab it!

1. Coffea Exotica

"Intoxicates with rich and smoothly elegant coffee essence."

2. LimonCello

"A hint of lemon. A smooth finish. Savor the taste of the Amalfi Coast."

3. Coconut Cola

"Blends sweet and nutty flavor with crisp cola taste."

4. Pastèque (Watermelon)

"This refreshing watermelon treat captures the lusciousness of sweet watermelon."

5. Melón Pomelo

"Ripe cantaloupe essence infused with pink grapefruit… a tangy duo with a touch of sweetness!"

6. Hi-Biscus!

"If the color pink had a flavor - this would be it! Slightly botanical, completely refreshing!"

7. LaCola

"The first of its kind, a revolutionary experience… Natural cola essenced sparkling water completely Innocent!"

8. Apricot

"Sweet + Tart, fresh and natural."

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