11 Home Accessories Based on Your Favorite Flavor of La Croix

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Our love for La Croix is strong. Like, we'd almost marry it. And we know we're not alone: Over the last couple of years, La Croix sparkling water has become a full-blown American addiction. Sure, it tastes good (Pamplemousse FTW), but that gorgeous watercolor-esque packaging is just so iconic. So, why not use La Croix as decor inspiration?

Unlike the beer can-lined walls of the guys you went to college with, La Croix's vibe is way more sophisticated, and using it as a color influence can give an almost carbonated tingle to any room.

1. Helen Levi Rock Candy Mountain Wall Planter, $210

Major Pamplemousse vibes.

2. Anthropologie Layered Landscape Pot, $58

One look at this pot that totally reminds us of Coconut La Croix, and we're donning our sunnies and reapplying sunscreen.

3. West Elm Watercolor Circles Rug, $149

This rug — like the original, unflavored La Croix — is pure and refreshing.

4. Minna Cartographer Pillow, $185

If Pamplemousse and Lemon had a baby, it might be this stunning pillow.

5. Anthropologie Oleta Napkin, $10

Wrap your ice-cold Peach-Pear La Croix in this napkin and continue living your best life.

6. Art Primo Abstract Watercolor Flower Premium Shower Curtain, $75.99

Every shower taken behind this Lime La Croix-y shower curtain is going to make you wish your shower water had a subtle flavor.

7. Safavieh Emblyn Rug, $64.99

We're passionate about two things: Passionfruit La Croix, and rugs that look like it.

8. Terrain Watercolor Glass Votive, $20

The latest La Croix flavor, Key Lime, also makes the best inspo for votive candle holders.

9. Mgnoliasun Boho Wall Hanging, $150

This Etsy wall hanging is Berry beautiful.

10. Society6 Pillow by Kathy Morton Stanion, $22.49

This pillow claims it's a close-up print of a flower, but let's be honest, it's a close up of a Cran-Raspberry La Croix.

11. Hello Happy Plants La Croix Planter, $55

You could always take your La Croix passion in a more literal direction — with this artsy ceramic planter.

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