14 DIYs Done With a Sharpie That Are Truly Jaw-Dropping

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Believe it or not, a simple Sharpie marker can become the vehicle for your DIY dreams. These transformations ahead can easily be achieved — some may require a bit more artistic flair while others just need precise measurements and a straight edge to create jaw-dropping effects:


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1. Faux Subway Tile

Pro tip: Find exact subway tile measurements from product descriptions, or buy a single tile sample to get your dimensions just right.

2. Freehand Floral Wallpaper

Think minimalist meets free-form.


3. Farmhouse Stairs

Fake old woodwork by applying Sharpie marks in a chevron motif.

4. Embellished Play Zone

Take a Sharpie to a neutral-hued blanket or towel and jazz it up with some line designs.


Want a gallery wall but don't want to pay for prints? Make your own by drawing or tracing simple floral designs in a Sharpie.

6. Channel Shiplap

Even Joanna Gaines would be fooled.


7. Guest Bath Patterned Wallpaper

Try a slightly thicker Sharpie to achieve a bolder line.

8. Wordy Walls

Have nice handwriting? Or a friend with nice handwriting? Pick your favorite phrase, and voilà.


9. Textured Line Walls

You can tell these walls were drawn by hand — but that's part of the charm.

10. Patterned China

Apply Sharpie designs to plain cups to create fun coffee vessels or mini succulent planters.


11. Whimsical Nursery

Instagrammer @onkateelane got this look by using a water-based Sharpie paint pen.

12. Half-Wall Wallpaper

Don't want to go all in on a Sharpie design? Consider doing just half of the wall.


13. Kitchen Canisters

Try our DIY to make cool Scandi-inspired kitchen storage containers.

14. Clean Line Wall Motif

Grab your ruler or straight edge, be extra precise, and no one would know this wasn't wallpaper!