How to Refresh Your Home Decor for Spring, According to Your Enneagram Type

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The Enneagram personality test is a fun way to gain a new perspective on how you relate to others and the world in less than 10 minutes — but there's a lot more your Enneagram can tell you besides your strengths and weaknesses. It can also be used to help you decorate your home, whether you're trying to find your ideal paint color or figure out which plant you should get next.


If you're looking for a new take on refreshing your space for spring, we tapped into design historian and VP of Style at online interior design startup Modsy, Alessandra Wood, to help you create the home of your dreams, all based on your Enneagram type.

Type 1: The Reformer

Style Guide: A classic, organized, and symmetrical space with lots of storage and a neutral color palette.

"The Reformer needs order and perfection within their space and would gravitate toward a style that feels polished and buttoned up," Wood says. "They will be happiest in clean-lined spaces with a classic vibe and restrained styling."

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Type 2: The Helper

Style Guide: A welcoming, warm, and comfortable space (think modern farmhouse) that's fresh and contemporary with splashes of black and white and soft tones.

"The generous and people-pleasing Helper thrives in spaces that are designed to welcome and entertain guests in a comfortable manner," Wood explains. "Their spaces should feel warm and cozy and offer the stability of more traditional elements designed with a modern lens."

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Type 3: The Achiever

Style Guide: An on-trend and pulled-together space with splurge pieces that show off their taste and success.

According to Wood, The Achiever is image-conscious and has a need to excel and would love a space with an organic modern vibe that screams cool. "While The Achiever is drawn toward trending styles, they're also likely to imbibe in trends that have some sort of cultural collateral, which will reinforce their intellectual prowess," Wood says.

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Type 4: The Individualist

Style Guide: An eclectic, personalized, and colorful space with bright colors and layered styles.

Since The Individualist craves creative expression, their space will reflect that, too. "This person's style will not be dictated by current trends but rather driven by what they love," she explains. "Type 4 will revel in spaces that are eclectic and display art and decorative objects from their own personal collection."

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Type 5: The Investigator

Style Guide: A mid-century minimalist and cool space with standout pieces and a reserved color palette with lots of leather, wood, and metals.


"The Investigator is an intense thinker who may be viewed as isolated," Wood says. "Their environment should stimulate their active mind, filled with iconic design pieces while providing a lair of sorts to escape the world."

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Type 6: The Loyalist

Style Guide: A classic and traditional space with "safe choices," leather, and wood-tones.

Wood says The Loyalist "needs security" and wants a space of "comfort and protection." According to the design historian, "Type 6 would be best suited for classic American design, known for honest craftsmanship and truth of materials." And when it comes to colors, they gravitate toward a color scheme with navy blue, crimson, and other warm tones.

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Type 7: The Enthusiast

Style Guide: A bold, minimalist maximalist space with hints of glam.

Wood says The Enthusiast is all about fun, so their space should emulate their "spontaneous, out-of-the-box vibe and allow their easily distracted mind many opportunities for visual stimulation."


"This person would thrive in a minimalist maximalist design where bold pieces are offset by iconic minimalist shapes," Wood explains. "Their color palette should be high contrast either black and white or a few bold pops of color incorporated in art, decor, or a statement piece."

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Type 8: The Challenger

Style Guide: A glam and high drama space that exudes self-confidence and is stocked with saturated colors.

"The Challenger is a person who loves control, knows who they are, and doesn't shy away from conflict," Wood says. "This type would thrive in a space that reflects their confidence and their ability to make conflict a beautiful art form." Think a totally glammed out space with "classic touches and luxurious textures and material."

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Type 9: The Peacemaker

Style Guide: A mid-century transitional space with comfortable furnishings and calming colors.

The Peacemaker is all about being welcoming and putting people at ease — and therefore having a space that does the same. According to Wood, "this type shies away from trends or polarizing styles" and gravitates "toward midcentury transitional design to allow for a more style-agnostic space."

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