If You’re a ‘Friends’ Fan(atic), These Miniature Products Are Everything

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Despite going off the air in 2004, Friends mania is as strong as ever, with the show continually garnering new fans — including some who were just born during the show's heyday. With the show's recent surge in popularity, more and more _Friends-_themed products have been hitting the shelves.


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We just discovered this miniature key frame in the shape of Monica's apartment door, from Etsy seller PbarkerStudio, that we're obsessed with now. The key holder is an exact replica with all of the details — the intercom, the hanging artwork, and that iconic peephole doorframe.

Monica's Apartment Door Miniature Key Holder, $65


In case you needed even more doorframe-inspired gifts, here are a few of our faves on a smaller scale:


Monica's Door iPhone XR Case, $17.84

This iPhone case is the perfect way to both keep your phone safe and proclaim to the world you wish you had an oversized New York City apartment.


Vintage Style Peephole Doorframe (Vintage Style), $28.16

Or maybe you'd like to just live the Friends life for yourself. This vintage-inspired frame is a replica of the same one used on the show. Just add purple paint!


Friends Couch and Frame Earrings, $22.62

Perfect for a night out with Friends at your local coffee shop. These cute earrings feature both the doorframe and the couch from Central Perk.


Friends TV Show Couch and Central Perk Logo Cake Topper, $34

If you really want to talk your Friends fandom to the next level, add these mini renditions of the Central Perk logo and the iconic couch to your next birthday (or wedding!) cake.


LEGO Ideas Central Perk Building Kit, $59.99

If you enjoy actually building miniature things, may we suggest this LEGO set for Friends fans who are crafty. We love the attention to detail both in the characters and the cafe's decor.


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