Just Some of the Weirdest Paint Color Names We've Seen Recently

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Being the person who creates paint color names for a living might sure seem like a fun job, but we have to wonder at what point that person decides to get a bit cheeky with their choices. After all, there are SO many colors out there, and chances are, all the easiest names for a bright green are already taken. Of course, whenever we see paint color names that cause us to do double takes, we love paint companies even more for it. Here, the most, um, "unique" paint color names we've seen recently that made us laugh or scratch our heads.


Mole's Breath

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This dark gray shade gets its name from another hue called Elephant's Breath, a medium gray with a hint of magenta. And weirdly ... this hue's name feels strangely accurate.

West Coast Ghost

This "super light gray with blue undertones" might also make you question how a West Coast ghost is colored differently from an East Coast ghost, or even a Southern ghost. Are there different species of ghosts out there?


Cheese Powder

Have you ever stood in front of your microwave, staring at your unmade cup of Easy Mac, and thought, "That color. I want it on my wall"? Unfortunately, Cheese Powder isn't even a neon, factory-made yellow — it's a light yellow-beige that reminds us more of an off-brand Easy Mac.



Americana Egg

The explanation for this color — it takes inspiration from a shade of eggs — makes sense, but why Americana? How does it relate to American culture and history, exactly?


Broccoli Brown

Brown broccoli evokes images of the broccoli that fell to the bottom of your vegetable drawer and was instantly forgotten. To make matters more confusing, this dark stone color was inspired by the black-headed Gull (a bird, not a veggie).


Winds Breath

Huh. A lot of "breath" going on these days.


Lipstick on the Mirror


Lipstick on the Mirror, a rich red, sounds like a very specific story that we were not a part of.


Privilege Green

If you were wondering what the color of privilege is, turns out it's not white after all! (Ed note: no, it is.)


Saturday on Sunday

If you're the type of person who's always confused about what day of the week it is — "Today definitely feels like Friday, right?" — then this dark blue-gray was made for you.


Soft Secret

How can a secret be soft? What is the difference between a hard and soft secret? Most importantly, what does any of this have anything to do with a light gray paint?


Blushing Bride

We get the blushing part, but why a bride specifically? Did the person naming this get married recently, maybe?

So Shy

This hue is super shy but doesn't actually have a choice to leave the room — since, you know, it's painted on the walls.

Life Lesson

Do all the tough lessons in life look like this "soft, neutral pasture green" hue? Up for debate.

Unmellow Yellow

Merriam-Webster does not consider "unmellow" a word, but we get its usage here. This is definitely a yellow for someone who doesn't want people falling asleep at their dinner party.


Climate Change

This makes us feel sad ... but also more aware. Almost as if, while painting a kitchen in this hue, you wouldn't be able to stop thinking about all the things you haven't done to save the world.

It Is Well

This color is "a sky blue muted with shades of gray," but there's no mention of what it is or why it is well. And now we need to know, SO WHAT IS THE STORY?

Dead Salmon

This aged salmon pink is described as: "A subtle shade whose name refers to the flat or 'dead' finish of an aged pink painted at [English manor] Kedleston Hall in 1805."



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