Got a Bathroom Sink Drain That Smells? Here's How to Clean

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Between hair, soap scum, and hard water, your bathroom sink drain can become clogged and stinky pretty easily. Cleaning and unclogging your bathroom sink and bathtub/shower drain is easier than you think using a few simple items and ingredients.


Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • 1/2 cup of salt

  • 2 tablespoons of dish liquid

  • Long piece of wire (a coat hanger works great!)

  • Plunger

Step 1

Use a pair of pliers to bend the end of a piece of wire (or coat hanger), creating a small hook. Remove the drain cover and any debris you can reach, then insert the hooked end into the sink drain. Pull the hook up, turning as you bring it up to grab hair and other debris from the drain. Repeat until all visible debris is removed.

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Step 2

Plungers aren't just made for toilets; they can be used on other drains as well. To plunge your sink drain, fill the sink halfway full with water, then give the drain a good plunging. Rinse with hot water.


Step 3

Heat 2 liters of water to almost boiling and mix in 2 tablespoons of dish liquid. Slowly pour the mixture down the drain to help loosen any buildup in the pipes.

Step 4

Pour 1 cup of salt down your drain. Heat 2 liters of water to almost boiling and pour down the drain. The salt will help remove any debris left behind after the dish liquid has loosened it up.

To keep drains clean and clog free going forward, rinse with the salt water mixture once per month.



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