Pick a Way to Photograph a Blanket and We'll Tell You What Kind of Person You Are

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Little known fact: Blankets are the keys to the universe and have been known to unlock questions that have stumped philosophers through the ages. When styled correctly, they can be stunningly accurate reflections of your inner-self. Pick a way to photograph one, and see what it says about your personality!


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1. Elegantly Draped Over the Corner of a Couch

You have a perfectly curated Instagram, but your therapist knows how much you're struggling with Imposter Syndrome.

2. Asymmetrically Styled on a Bed

You're the "wacky" one who shows up late to everything and is always wearing something that could either be described as "avant-garde" or "trash bag."

3. With a Tall Human

You are what BuzzFeed calls an "extroverted introvert." And you're tall.

4. Neatly Folded With an Edge Folded Up

You pray at the Church of Marie Kondo. Spark joy!

5. Draped Over a Birch Branch

You are grounded and balanced. You take probiotics and never skip a day.

6. Over a Copper Pipe Rack

You don't take any B.S. You also never miss Coachella.