How to Separate a Palm Clump

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Garden hose

  • Water

  • Machete or meat cutter

You can separate a palm's clump to cultivate more than one plant.

There are several species of palm. They are grown through either native propagation or through reproduction and human cultivation. A palm may yield several individual plants. You can separate a palm's clump or root ball to cultivate more than one plant out of a single stock. This requires inspecting the palm to determine if it is worthy of separation. A clump that has only one or two active growths may not be worth the effort. You will need to remove the palm and clean its clump for cutting and separation.

Step 1

Inspect the palm. Look for several stems growing from the ground and adjacent to one another. This is an indication that several plants are growing out of the same clump or root mass.

Step 2

Remove the palm from its pot or dig it up from the ground using a shovel. When digging palms from the ground, dig out from the plants so you can remove the entire root clump without damaging the roots.

Step 3

Lay the palm clump on its side or horizontally.

Step 4

Wash any dirt from the palm roots using a garden hose.

Step 5

Remove 1/3 of the root clump. Use a machete or meat chopper to cut and remove the bottom 1/3 of the palm clump.

Step 6

Untangle the remaining roots to separate the plants. Use your hands to untangle the roots. Exercise care when handling the plants and roots so you can retain as many intact roots as possible.

Step 7

Remove any damaged or rotted roots with the meat chopper.

Step 8

Plant the separated plants in pots or in the ground.


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