How to Care for Wilting Money Tree Leaves

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Things You'll Need

  • Watering can

  • Fertilizer


The money tree container must have drainage holes. If it does not, repot.

Proper care perks up your money tree's leaves.
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The money tree (Pachira aquatica) is one of the hardiest trees around. You often find this plant growing happily in houses or offices. It tolerates low-light levels in office buildings or high levels of light on porches. The money tree is forgiving of beginner's mistakes like forgetting to water or apply fertilizer; it requires little care at all. Too much care disturbs it. Apply too much fertilizer or water, and the money tree's leaves wilt to show its displeasure. As you give it a little breathing room, the money tree perks back up.


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Step 1

Test the soil in the money tree pot frequently. Water during the growing season when the top third of the soil in the pot dries out. In winter, when the money tree puts on little growth, it needs less water; water only when the top two-thirds of the soil in the pot dries out. Overwatering and constantly waterlogged soil causes money tree leaves to wilt and yellow, but so does soil that is allowed to get bone dry.


Step 2

Water the money tree soil with a watering can when needed. Water until the water runs from the drainage holes in the money tree pot. A plant tray underneath the pot will catch the dripping water. Watering to this depth ensures that your money tree gets the right amount of water at each watering.


Step 3

Fertilize the money tree with a liquid plant fertilizer at every other watering. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application amounts for a tree of your money tree's size. Do not exceed the recommended amount. Too much fertilizer causes the money tree leaves to wilt. Stop fertilizing during the winter months and resume in spring.