Oak trees that dot the landscape in your neighborhood or your yard can make for wonderful shade and ornament. Unfortunately, the acorns that are produced can create a lot of yard work when they fall. If you have a new oak tree, you won't have to worry about acorns for 20 to 50 years. In older trees, the elimination of acorns is the act of stopping the oak from flowering, or removing the flowers once they bloom. If flower removal by hand is not practical, hormone sprays should reduce the acorns by up to 95 percent. For hormone spray application, a tree servicing company should be hired.

Acorns can quickly accumulate on your lawn and make for time consuming clean-up.

Hand Flower Removal

Step 1

Watch your oak carefully after the frost has passed. Flowers will appear slowly at first, but will then grow quickly.

Step 2

Remove the flowers from the tree. Use a ladder to reach all branches and remove the flowers by hand.

Step 3

Collect all flowers from the ground and remove using a rake.

Step 4

Check the tree daily for new flowers and promptly remove.

Hormone Spray

Step 5

Hire a reputable tree service. Look for one specializing in the type of tree you have and with experience using the spraying process, as it can be tricky to get the entire tree. Discuss the amount of the hormone they recommend. Too much will harm the tree and not enough will allow flowering and acorns.

Step 6

Watch the tree for blooming cycle to begin.

Step 7

Call the tree service and arrange for a time to have them spray. Watch that they treat the entire tree.