List of Flowering Evergreen Shrubs

There are many types of flowering evergreen shrubs. Evergreen shrubs replenish their leaves gradually, so that they are never without leaves. They are a popular choice for home landscaping designs because they provide year-round foliage. In addition, the beautiful blooms that they produce provide a splash of color in the spring and fall. .

Flower Cultivation - Chrysanthemums Land
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Chrysanthemums are a popular flowering evergreen shrub.


Pink wet Azaleas flowers with rain drops
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Azaleas are a popular choice for home landscaping.

Azaleas are flowering evergreen shrubs that are a member of the rhododendron family. Azaleas are native to Asia, but are an extremely popular choice for home landscaping in the United States because of the variety of bloom colors they produce. Bloom colors include red, pink, yellow, lavender, orange, and salmon. The flowers are funnel shaped and vary in size from 1 to 3 inches. Azaleas are dimorphic and have two sets of leaves, including spring and summer leaves. They are a compact and bushy shrub that does well in partial shade with acidic soil.

Scarlet Milkweed

Wasp and Milkweed
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Scarlet Milkweed grows throughout the world.

Scarlet Milkweed, also called Blood Flower, is an evergreen shrub that is part of the Milkweed Family. These plants get their names because of the white, milky sap in the stem. This flowering evergreen is native to South America, but grows all over the world. Scarlet Milkweeds have long leaves with clusters of flowers. The flowers bloom in the summer and are reddish-orange with yellow hoods. Scarlet Milkweeds attract monarch butterflies and hummingbirds.

Garden Mum

pink chrysanthemum flowers
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Chrysanthemums are easy to care for.

Garden Mum, or Chrysanthemum, is a member of the Aster family. This flowering evergreen is a perennial that is easy to care for. It is a popular residential landscaping plant. The leaves of the Garden Mum are dark green and fragrant. The blooms vary in size, shape and color due to the many varieties of the Garden Mum. They do well in acidic soil and partial sun.

African Iris

Macro of iridaceae flower
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The leaves of the African Iris can reach up to 2 feet.

African Iris or Fortnight Lily is a flowering evergreen perennial. The leaves are very long and thin and can reach lengths of up to 2 feet. The flowering stalks are 2 to 4 feet and have beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. The flowers are white with yellow streaks. African Iris does well in well-drained soil and partial shade.

Stokes Aster

Black Swallowtail on Aster
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Stokes Aster is known to attract butterflies.

Stokes Aster is a flowering evergreen shrub that is part of the Aster family. This perennial is easy to grow and is adaptable to a number of conditions. It has long leaves that are 6 to 8 inches in length with 3- to 4- inch flowers. Stokes Aster is known for its early season blooms that attract butterflies that eat the nectar of this plant. Blooms vary in color and include white, lavender, pink, and blue. Stokes Aster should be planted in acidic soil.