How to Root an Ice Plant Clipping

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The ice plant is native to South Africa and comes in both upright and trailing varieties. It is considered a succulent, but thrives in areas of heat and is tolerant of dry conditions. The plant has short, spiky leaves that are thick and produces pink flowers in the summer and fall. Propagating ice plant from cuttings is the most efficient means of growing new plants, since the cut sections develop roots quickly.


Step 1

Take your cutting from an existing ice plant that is vigorous and free of disease. Select a stem that does not have a flower blossom on it and trace it back to the base of the plant. Cut the stem off straight across using hand pruners.

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Step 2

Pick up a styrofoam or paper cup and poke two holes in the bottom of it using a sharpened pencil. Then poke three to four more holes around the lower side of the cup approximately 1/4 inch from the bottom.


Step 3

Fill the cup three-fourths full of an all-purpose potting soil.

Step 4

Stick the cut end of the ice plant cutting in the soil by 1/2 inch. If you are planting multiple cuttings, you can plant two per cup.

Step 5

Water the soil in with 1 cup of water. The soil does not need to be saturated for the ice plant cutting to root.


Step 6

Place the cup on a shallow dish to catch the water drainage and set them in a window that receives bright but not direct sunlight. Water the soil only once or twice per week until the plant develops roots. Do not keep the soil moist or this will kill the cutting.



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