How to Care for Oriental Lilies Indoors

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Things You'll Need

  • Lily bulbs

  • Soil

  • Flowerpot

  • 1/5 tsp. phosphorus-rich, slow-releasing fertilizer mixed with 1 gallon of water

  • Small rocks

  • Water


If you will be planting no more than two lilies, use a flower pot that is 6 inches wide. If you will be planting more than two lilies, use a flower pot that is at least 9 inches in diameter.


If possible, transplant the lilies outdoors when the threat of frost is over.

Care for Oriental lilies indoors for a beautiful touch year-round.

Oriental lilies are excellent flowers for growing indoors in flowerpots. They are also a cut flower of choice, making gorgeous flower arrangements. You can add some beautiful color and glorious fragrance to your home by growing Oriental lilies indoors. By growing flower bulbs indoors, you get to enjoy the feeling of summertime during the dull, cold winter months. When the weather is warmer outdoors, the bulbs can be transplanted to a garden.


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Step 1

Cover the bottom of a flowerpot with small rocks. Fill the flowerpot with soil. The rocks help drain the soil so that it's not overly saturated. Oriental lilies are not particular about the kind of soil, as long as it drains well.

Step 2

Place the lily bulbs 1 inch below the surface of the soil. Keep each bulb 3 inches away from each other. Water the soil thoroughly. Feed the lilies 1 cup of fertilizer solution once a week.

Step 3

Place the flowerpot in a sunny and cool location. Oriental lilies do not thrive well in hot temperatures. Make sure the temperature does not go over 75 degrees.


Step 4

When the Oriental lilies have faded, deadhead them. Take care in breaking them off. Don't remove the flower stems or leaves.

Step 5

When the blooming has ended, allow the leaves to die back. Plant the lilies in a garden for next year or store in a cool, dark area such as a basement or refrigerator.


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