How to Prune a Hibiscus in Florida

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Cloth

  • Gardening shears

Pruning hibiscus promotes healthy, new growth.

Hibiscus is a tropical shrub that produces large, vibrantly colored blooms that range from pink to red. The hibiscus thrives in warm weather climates, such as those in Florida. Pruning the hibiscus helps control the size of the shrub. The hibiscus produces growth on new wood, so pruning must be done over time to prevent damage to the blooming cycle. By beginning the pruning process in February, dangers of frost have passed.


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Step 1

Sanitize the gardening shears by wiping them down with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. This will prevent the transmission of diseases between plants.

Step 2

Remove any dead or damaged branches throughout the growing season with the shears. Also cut away any crossing branches, growth infested with insects or disease, or weak branches.

Step 3

Begin pruning in February, when the hibiscus is not producing new growth in Florida. Select the longest branches that are disrupting the shape or size of the hibiscus plant. Cut one-third of those branches off. Make all cuts above a leaf or flower node. The cuts should be 45 degrees and angled downward.


Step 4

Wait 30 days. Cut the next one-third of the longest branches off with the pruning shears.

Step 5

Wait an additional 30 days, then cut off the last one-third of the misshapen branches. Staggering the pruning will prevent disruption of the hibiscus's bloom development.