How to Grow Honeysuckle in Pots

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Things You'll Need

  • Honeysuckle plant

  • Large pot or container

  • Potting soil

  • Medium trellis

  • Jute or string

  • Pruning shears

A healthy honeysuckle vine.

Growing honeysuckle vines in a pot is an option for gardeners with small spaces. The honeysuckle will thrive in a large container and even draw hummingbirds and butterflies to your patio. Honeysuckle vines will tolerate some shade, but thrive in full sun. The fragrant blooms of this perennial vine are white with a tinge of yellow. They will make a big show from early spring to late summer and grow quickly. Their hardiness depends on the variety of honeysuckle, but generally the plant is easy to grow and maintain in pots.


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Step 1

Prepare a large container by first placing it in a sunny location. Line the bottom of the container with pot shards or pea gravel and cover the drainage materials with prepared potting soil. Amend the soil with one or two tsp. of dry, organic fertilizer.

Step 2

Dig a hole in the center of the potting soil using a spade. Carefully remove the honeysuckle plant from its pot and insert it into the hole. Pat the soil gently, but firmly around the roots and add a thin layer of mulch.

Step 3

Insert a trellis into the soil on one side of the pot a few inches from the rim. The vine should be about six inches (15 cm) from the trellis. A trellis can be purchased from a garden store or homemade from sticks if you want to be more creative.


Step 4

Carefully tie the vine to the trellis using jute or string. Be sure the vine is tied to the trellis in a pleasing shape. Water the honeysuckle vine thoroughly upon planting, but only moderately throughout the growing season.

Step 5

Tie the honeysuckle vine to new areas of the trellis as the vine grows. Continue to fertilize the plant every few weeks. You can prune the vine to maintain its shape after it stops flowering.


Choose the healthiest honeysuckle vine you can find with plenty of growth. Choose a vine with buds that have not bloomed yet.


Choose your plant's location before planting to prevent having to lug a heavy pot around the patio and possibly damaging the vine.


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