How to Open the Front of a John Deer Gator

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The John Deere company makes vehicles and equipment for farms and events. Among the vehicles that John Deere makes, the Gator 4x4 and Gator 6x4 are the smallest. The Gator vehicles are mostly used to transport up to two passengers and up to 300 lbs. of cargo in the back hauling area. As with any motorized vehicle, the John Deere Gator may on occasion need work done to its mechanical parts. Opening the front of the Gator consists of popping the hood and removing the grille and front bumper.


Step 1

Make sure the John Deere Gator is in park and turned off. Walk over to the hood. Release the two latches on the top of the hood that hold the hood to the body by pulling on the extended tabs. Pull the two latch bars away.

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Step 2

Reach under the very front of the hood and un-hook the inner latch by pulling the inner metal bar to the side. Lift the hood all the way up (the installed pistons will keep the hood in place after lifting).


Step 3

Inspect the grille of the Gator. Locate the bolts that attach the grille to the body of the Gator. Place a ratchet onto each bolt and loosen them until they come off the grille. Lift the grille straight up and then away from the Gator.

Step 4

Locate the bolts underneath where the grille once sat, that secure the front bumper. Use the ratchet once more to loosen the bumper bolts until they release. Carefully lift the bumper straight up and then off the Gator.