How Do I Estimate Concrete for a Swimming Pool?

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One of the most difficult parts of building a swimming pool is estimating the amount of concrete in the project. You don't want more than you need, but if you don't order enough, your project concrete may dry before you can get more. Knowing how to estimate the right amount of concrete can save headaches.


The basic elements of a swimming pool will be floors and walls. To estimate the amount of concrete you need, determine the project size of the swimming pool.


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Measure the square footage of the floors and walls of the holfor your pool. To do this, multiply the length times the width of the walls and floors. For example, if your walls are 6 feet tall and a total of 50 feet long, then you will have 300 square feet of walls.

Next, figure the amount of cubic feet in the wall and floors. Multiply the total square feet times the thickness of the floors and walls. For example, if your walls are 300 feet square and 8 inches thick ( 8 inches converted to feet is .75), multiply 300 times .75, and you have the total cubic feet of concrete to be poured.


Now you must convert the cubic feet into yards to determine the amount of concrete. Divide the total cubic yards by 27, and you will have the total cubic yards necessary for pouring your concrete pool.

Remember to check your measurements twice, and recalculate your numbers more than once. A small mistake in numbers can translate into large amounts of money. Keep your figures written down on paper as you go. This will help you keep track of your calculations.



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