How to Paint a Driveway With Pavers

Typically made from concrete slabs shaped into geometric shapes, pavers create beautiful garden borders, retaining walls, patios, fire pits and driveways. The paver driveway has a unique appeal that is more attractive than asphalt and more durable than gravel. Though pavers create lovely driveways, they eventually fade or become stained. In such cases, the pavers can be painted to restore their elegance and appear brand new once again. To paint concrete pavers you will use either concrete paint or stain, depending upon the look you wish to achieve.

Create a unique driveway by painting driveway pavers.

Step 1

Decide on whether you will paint or stain your paver driveway. Paint and stain are both available in a wide variety of colors, though paint is more opaque than stain and more likely to cover up stains on the driveway pavers. Stain will permeate the surface, last a long time and resist flaking and peeling while paint will cover stains and flaws and have a more solid-colored finish at the end.

Step 2

Prepare the driveway pavers for painting by first destroying any grass or weeds growing in the cracks between the pavers. Apply weed/plant killer to the plants several days before painting or staining to allow the weeds and grass to shrivel overnight for easier removal. Use a broom to sweep away the dead plants as well as any stuck-on dead bugs, mud or other debris.

Step 3

Clean the driveway pavers thoroughly before painting to ensure that you have a clean surface upon which to apply paint or stain. Use a pressure washer to clean the pavers; this will remove most of the debris and stains, though you may want to use a scrub brush and dish detergent to remove any grease spots on the pavers before painting or staining. Allow the thoroughly rinsed driveway to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4

Check to ensure the driveway pavers are thoroughly dry and no damp areas exist. Pour the paint or stain into a painting tray and cover a roller in the paint or stain. Roll the stain or paint onto the top surface of the pavers and roll back and forth applying paint until no spots exist on the pavers where paint is absent.

Step 5

Continue to paint, working from one corner of the driveway to the opposite side and end of the driveway. Allow the driveway pavers to dry for a couple of days and keep foot traffic, pets and vehicles off of the driveway to ensure a quality finish.