The space under a deck can typically lead to several issues. First, the overall appearance can be detrimental if the area underneath is not landscaped properly. Weeds can grow and thrive and the area can begin to look very untamed. Secondly, erosion can often occur under decks and can lead to issues with basement leaks and water problems. Landscaping under a deck can solve these issues and help improve the overall curb appeal of the home.

Landscaping under a deck or a porch can increase curb appeal and help with erosion control.

Step 1

Clear out any existing foliage under the deck. Typically, weeds and other foliage will be present in these areas. Pull all the weeds and rake up any other debris that may be under the deck. Do not use herbicide to remove the weeds.

Step 2

Lay landscaping material down on the ground. This will help prevent the formation of additional weeds and aid in having a clean space underneath the deck that does not look overgrown. Cut the landscaping material to fit and make sure to leave an additional inch or two of fabric to go up against the house. Otherwise, weeds will grow in the space between the foundation and the fabric.

Step 3

Select shade loving plants. Even though the area under the deck may appear dark, it still receives some light. Plants that thrive in this environment include hostas, coleus for foliage plants, and impatiens and begonias for flowering plants. These can be mixed to create a visually pleasing area under your deck.

Step 4

Cut out holes for plants in the landscaping material. The holes should be large enough for the plant to grow, but not too large to allow for weeds to flourish. It is important to look at the information that came with your plants to see how far apart they should be planted before cutting these holes. Follow the planting directions on these plant tags.

Step 5

Place the plants in their holes. Plants should be planted to the depth of the pot that they come in from the greenhouse or plant store. Water the soil and fertilize if necessary. After that, water as directed by the information that came with your plants.

Step 6

Pour rock or gravel over the landscaping material and around the plants. This will help in two ways. First, it will help anchor the landscaping material to the ground and hide the material. Second, it will also help with drainage underneath the deck. The gravel will help direct the flow of water away from the foundation of the house and assist in preventing muddy spots that can encourage erosion.